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New Zo S-15A 'thumps', Recall??

sspencer@netcom.com (Scott T. Spencer)
Mon, 29 Apr 1996 18:48:47 -0700
We've gotten a new Zo, model S-15A, within about the last month via the people 
at Delta Rehab.  Our experiences to date in bread-making (maybe 8-10 loaves) 
have been largely favorable -- including recipes from the Zo book and others 
from Bread Machine Magic.  (This isn't our first machine, as we successfully 
wore out a DAK "R2D2" on BMM over 4-5 years.)  Anyway, while the Zo bread turns 
out well, the machine does tend to "thump" fairly continually while kneading. 
Does anybody know whether this is a characteristic of the model or should it be 
regarded as an abnormality?

Related fact: some friends of ours, now living in Colorado, tell us via phone 
that they also had a noisy Zo (acquired via King David, I think, around 
Christmas '95), and they've learned from their vendor that their has been a 
recall of some (all?) of this model.  Theirs has gone back to KD; and, they are 
waiting for assembly problems to be resolved before getting a replacement. (We 
believe their Zo is/was the same model as ours -- the S-15A.) We've not tried 
contacting the USA Zo people -- but my wife and I are curious.   Has anybody 
heard about a recall?

Unrelated fact: I was mildly surprised to find that this relatively expensive 
machine (as far as breadmakers go) was built in China!!

Thanks in advance -- Scott

Scott Spencer
Menlo Park, CA