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Source of Flours

Kathryn Davis <kedavis@kirkwood.cc.ia.us>
Mon, 29 Apr 96 14:39:00 -0500
My family has ordered flours, grains, nuts, oil, spices, dried fruit, etc. 
  from Brownville Mills since we lived in the area in 1955.  They are a 
family owned business that process and distribute "Natural" foods.  Nemaha 
Stoneground Natural grain products have not been bleached, sterilized of 
chemically treated.  They use only high protein, high quality grain,  mostly 
organically grown.
They are located in Brownville, Nebraska, near the Missouri River in 
southeast Nebraska.  Their products are shipped soon after milling  to 
assure freshness.
Their prices are competitive.   Address, hours and phone are listed below.

Brownville Mills                                  Phone 402/825-4131  or 
800/ 305-7990
P. O. Box 145                                        Open Daily 9:00 to 5:00 
  Closed Sunday
Brownville, Ne. 68321