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King Arthur Flour prices

phyllis.johnpoll@ncsl.org (Phyllis Johnpoll)
Tue, 23 Apr 1996 13:19:14 GMT
Can anyone tell me why the shipping costs for King Arthur flour are so
high? I would love to order flour from them (got a bag of their white
wheat flour at a health food store once and loved it) but I simply
cannot afford the additional expense of the shipping charges to my area.


Wonderful tales had our fathers of old--
    Wonderful tales of the herbs and the stars--
The Sun was the Lord of the Marigold,
    Basil and Rocket belonged to Mars.
Pat as a sum in division it goes--
    (Every plant had a star bespoke)--
Who but Venus should govern the Rose?
    Who but Jupiter own the Oak?
         Simply and gravely the facts are told
         In the wonderful books of our fathers of old.
                   --Rudyard Kipling, "Our Fathers of Old"