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CPXD31A@prodigy.com (MR IRWIN H FRANZEL)
Wed, 17 Apr 1996 12:30:26 EDT
I had hoped to resume regular writing to this Digest long before now but it
is still not to be. I will be leaving for Philadelphia today and won't be
back for about ten days. At that time, I hope to return to my regular
writing schedule.

A brief note about our Fourth Annual ReUnion in Tampa, last month. As
usual, it was a pleasure to see our bread baking friends again. Many of
them bought their Zojis shortly after we started this program. They are
still using their original machine, although most have bought other Zojis
for gifts, such as: Mother's Day, Weddings,  Graduations, etc.

Besides our discussions, answering questions and the social events, some
new ideas were discussed. One was brought up by Loreli Aguda, who said,
"Your non-stick dough boards are great but they are too small!. I need one
big enough to be able to roll out a large, pizza crust or a pie crust!"
Joni Cloud immediately said, "Yes. We need bigger non-stick, dough boards!"
On the following day's session, we brought a number of "Mega-Flex"
non-stick dough boards that are two feet square! They were grabbed up by
the participants.

These heavy duty boards may be trimmed with a scissors or razor if they are
larger than your counter. We are ready to deliver these to you, right now!
The price is $8.00 for one and $15 for two. The prices include Priority
Mail delivery. Just send your check to Delta Rehabilitation, Inc 411 Bryn
Mawr Island, Bradenton FL 34207.

Another item that stirred up considerable interest was a group of four
different tea breads that Bernita, my wife, had baked at one time in a
single Finnish Pan! She had mixed a single loaf of white bread. Divided the
dough into four parts, each of which she rolled out between two dough
boards. She then put the seasoning ingredients on the surface of the sheet
of dough and rolled it up. Each of the four loaves were seasoned
differently, placed into a fixture made for the Finnish Pan. When the cycle
ended, the breads were removed from the Finnish pan and separated into four
beautiful loaves. Each one produces slices about 2-1/2 inch square and were
part of a loaf of about 8 inch length. This "Mini-Loaf" insert may be used
to make jelly rolls, large hot-dog or small hero buns, etc., only limited
by your imagination. We are in the final design phase and will let you know
how the development is progressing.

One more announcement. For Mother's Day, we are giving free gifts with
Zojis ordered for Mothers! The choice is one 17.6 ounce package of SAF
commercial yeast, or a one pound package of CT-1 dough conditioner!

I will probably not be available before May 1st, so don't call or e-mail
before then. I'll talk to you then.

Best wishes.     Irwin