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Re: Thick Pizza Crust Problem

jmartin@london2.skn.net (Jerri Dawn Martin)
Sat, 4 Jan 1997 11:01:51 -0500
Marc Joseph <mjoseph@en.com> wrote:

We have a problem when making pizza dough of being able to roll out the
dough thin enough to suit our tastes. I was wondering if anyone knows of
any tricks of the trade, such a simple dough additive, to get the dough to
relax enough to roll it out thinner.

Joan,"Flour Power" <LIR119@delphi.com> wrote:

The trick I found out to ensure the dough properly relaxed ( no dough
enhancers were used): A overnight chilling in the pizza cooler ( retardation
of the dough ).A slow rise of dough occured and then
he would occassionally walk into the cooler to Punch down the dough ).
This process relaxed the gluten, mellowed it so to speak. Also any excess
sugar and co2 were released which caused a better dough texture and less
burning at high brick oven temperatures. His dough stretched out

A trick from my limited experience, and less patience than Joan (I never
have the foresight to start dough the night before!)...just let the dough
sit a while after stretching the first time, and then it will stretch out
further.  If it is still not thin enough, wait again...just 15-30 minutes
will allow the dough to relax enough for my purposes.  I make my pizza
crust using the dough cycle of a Breadman machine, with about 30-40% whole
wheat and 60-70% unbleached white flour, for a 1.5 lb loaf, which will
stretch to nearly the full size of my pizza stone.  Hope this helps.

(first time poster, long time reader/lurker)