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Quest + Request

Erica Rodgers <the1edr@atlas.vcu.edu>
Sun, 5 Jan 97 13:01:11 EST
Hi there!

I have a question = I just got a bread machine (Black & Decker) for
X-Mas.  I know that it is recommended that you WEIGH the flour as
opposed to just measuring it.  Is there a chart for cups to oz/gram
for all the various flours?  Would someone direct me to this
information?  THanks.

Also, I have a request.  I have seen plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of
recipes for mark1 mod0 (ie: standard) bagels.  What I would
like are recipes for FLAVORED ones (eg: pumpernickle, banana,
blueberry, chocolate chip, etc).  I see these all the time in the
bagel resturaunts, but would like to make my own.  At least a
suggested ratio for the addition of items to standard bagesl would be

Thanks & Happy Baking!



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