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Excellent Bread Site/My new machine

Debbie Hrabinski <piggie@worldnet.att.net>
Fri, 27 Dec 1996 15:05:11 -0500
Hi all, this is an excellent bread site.  Forgive me for being naive if it's 
maintained by one of u bread makers.  But for those that don't know abt it. 
 It's chockful of tons of both abm recipes and recipes not for the abm too.
Here's another one that I haven't checked out yet:
Betty Crocker Breadmaker WWW site:

I wanted to tell some of the people on the list that inquired abt the 
Zojirushi bread maker that I purchased thru Price/Costco.  So far I really 
like it a lot.  I've made a bunch of different recipes in it, and everyone 
came out just wonderful.  I was the one who had the Welbilt #6000, that I 
returned.  But it was funny, cuz right before I returned the Welbilt, I 
decided to make the same *exact* recipe in both bread makers at the same 
time (just to make sure I wasn't going crazy).  So I did, and the one in the 
Zoji came out light and fluffy and tasty.  And the one I made in the 
Welbilt, altho it did rise that time, came out w/ such an "off" flavor.  It 
smelled like it was stale, even tho I had just made the bread.

I'm happy I decided to return it and buy that Zoji.