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No bread machine here.

Mon, 9 Dec 1996 12:51:56 -0500
I am another Kitchen Aid fan although I have recently started making bread in
my Cuisinart 11.  I am following Julia Child's method for the food processor
and have had wonderful luck with it.  It adapts to all kind of bread recipes
(making one loaf at a time for just two people).  I make great French bread,
Italian "Supermarket" style using the recipe and Italian Bread Improver from
King Arthur Flours,  whole wheat, rolls, etc.  Have been baking all our bread
for many years and love the feel and smell of the process.  I have a grain
mill and grind wheat, rye and corn too.  

For those of you who are looking for flour, try to find your local food
co-ops.  I started buying from a co-op years ago and still purchase 150 - 200
lbs. of hard wheat flour from a co-op once a year.  Besides co-ops have other
good buys on organic foods. 

Enjoy.  LoisO43779@aol.com