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Weevils!!! corrected

Cherie Ambrosino <Cherie_Ambrosino@cch.com>
10 Dec 96 9:47:49
I apologize if this is yet another repeat - I keep getting mailer demons back 
on it - this is my last try!!
To: bread-bakers @ lists.best.com @ internet, ghayward @ illuminet.net @ 
From: Cherie Ambrosino
Date: 12/09/96 03:05:17 PM
Subject: Weevils!!! corrected

Hi Gladys - Welcome to Weevil land!  Notice any little flying brown moth type 
creatures yet??  That's what the little white worms turn into.   [sorry if 
that's a repeat but I seem to be having some computer problems today!!]  I've 
been there, its awful - I'm sorry.  The good news:
1. they can't hurt you  - don't worry
2. they won't hatch if they're frozen

Bad news
1. they eat any carbohydrate type stuff - pasta, rice, grains, crackers, cereal 
ad infinitum!
2. They eat through almost anything to get to it!

So, from my vast array of unfortunate experiences - assuming you're not too 
badly infested yet:

a. Freeze everything that contains any type of flour or grain [you can even 
stick it outside if you live where there's a real winter [it doesn't actually 
have to be freezing, you can try the fridge if you fill up the freezer!]
b. don't buy anything that won't fit in the cold spots until you haven't seen 
any worms or flying things for at least a month [they basically stick around 
till there's no more food - this includes flying specks of flour dust!]
c. be incredibly careful when you bake - even a trace of flour in the air can 
feed them so wipe up everything carefully and try not to let too much fly 

Good luck - and remember they won't hurt you they're just gross!  Kill as many 
as you can and avoid feeding the rest - before it gets bad - and from now on 
keep things in the freezer a week or so after you buy them [only really an 
issue with natural, organic type things or from a farmers market etc, things 
that have been really packaged [pillsbury or post et al] don't have the eggs 
[invisible to you and me anyway].  My infestation started with some organic 
flour but lasted almost a year - beware the evil weevils!!   ;)  Cherie