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Sam Hurwitz <suesam@pipeline.com>
Thu, 05 Dec 1996 08:53:05 -0500
>I did not know if you got this previously or not.
>>I am one of your many non bread machine subscribers.  There should be
skill in this art of breadmaking, not just a mechanized schedule!  
>>Whole wheat and all other baking supplies may be bought in quantity from
Lenz Baking Supply Company in Reading, PA.  They sell absolutely everything
in quantity.  I bought caraway seeds - 16 pounds.  My other choice was a 50
pound bag!  However, being a bread baker, they will last about 5-6 years.
They are even open on Saturday mornings.
>>Using the great challah ("Shelley's Challah) recipe posted on the board, I
did not have any applesauce to use instead of oil.  Apple Butter used
instead gave the bread a wonderful delicate flavor.  So I guess that many
things can be substituted for oil in bread recipes.  
>>Keep up the good work - especially the hands on recipes!
>>Sam Hurwitz
Sam and Sue