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Holiday Baking

Krugman Household <krugman1@wwnet.com>
Tue, 3 Dec 96 19:41 EST
Happy Holidays everyone! I can hear those Breadmakers humming!!!
  Could you share you favorite holiday bread recipes with us Please?
 I see lots of ads for pretty breads.... do they really look like that when
you bake them?
 What are some of your tricks to make them "pretty" for gift giving?
 I am making a list of gift baskets containing some breads & spreads and
want to make sure that I havve 
 a great selection so that I don't have to repeat. (They all go to my church
so they will compare notes!)
  Also, can I make any of  these breads and freeze them? Will they turn out
just as good?
 Love this list....

 Karen (giving the Zoji a workout!)
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