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Bread Cornucopia

Marta Anders <hiswitness@earthlink.net>
Mon, 02 Dec 1996 08:01:33 +0000
Hi, I'm new to this list and I'm really enjoying it.  I used to bake 
bread by hand, but got out of the habit, so two years ago my husband got 
me my first bread machine.  We love it!

On the last digest, someone posted the idea about the bread cornucopia.  
Perfect timing!  I made it to take to Thanksgiving dinner at our 
cousin's, and filled it with french bread twists and bread sticks made 
from a cheese-onion bread recipe.  I have the cornucopia back in my 
freezer and hope to use it once or twice for the holidays.  BTW, I was 
able to remove the form after baking.

When we used store-bought bread, we bought a seven grain bread that was 
very rich, heavy and nutty, but did not have too much of a whole wheat 
taste.  Does anyone have a recipe for something like that?

Please explain what the rules are on re-printing recipes from cookbooks 
and other sources.

Skip, Marta and Lizzie (5.5 yo)
Alexandria, VA, USA