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flour worm problem

gladys m hayward <ghayward@illuminet.net>
Sun, 01 Dec 1996 14:14:21 -0500
hello fellow bread bakers...

        this is my first post to this digest... if i make faux pas please
let me know. i apologise for the awful subject... but i really hope some of
you have an answer to what this is... how it gets started ... and hopefully
how to prevent it from getting not only into my flour.. but infesting other
grain products like macaroni and rice.

        i have a flour problem.. that rears its ugly head every so often.
i will buy brand new sack of flour... i keep all my flour, including my
specialty flours, in tupper ware air tight sealed cannisters.. and i am
careful to put the cannisters thru the diswasher each time i refill them...
now... flour will look just fine; then... few days later... i open it... and
i find these darned ugly looking little brownish whitish worms  ... they
sorta a little bigger than a rice kernel... ughh....

        does anyone else have this problem..??? how do i rid myself of these
awful looking animals... i really don't want that extra protein in my bread!!!! 

        a friend of mine... taught me how to use a news reader.. and how to
find the bread digest... i have gotten back into bread making with my regal
bread maker.. again... i really enjoy the comments... opinions.. and recipes... 

happy bread baking!