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Re: re Breadman

ltsilver@borg.com (LT Silverman)
Thu, 31 Oct 1996 08:34:57 -0500
>I contacted someone at BReadman for you....Hopefully you will hear something
>soon. They are very nice people and I am sure will take care of your
>Lois Conway
>co-author Bread Machine Magic and The Bread Machine Magic Book of Helpful

Yesterday afternoon I received the pan and paddle I waited 6 months for.

Thank you, Lois. I don't know if it was specifically your letter, my
letters, my husband's phone call, the threat of going to the Attorney
General of NY, or what--whatever I have the pan.

Interestingly they included a box of Breadman mixes which I cannot use
because they are not marked as kosher (the need for the 2nd pan was to
maintain kashrut int he first place). The company is also crediting me for
the full cost of the pan (although I believe the original cost more than
I'm being credited for--but who cares).

Thanks you all for the encouragement, and please remember before you
purchase a Salton/Maxim product the problems I had.