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Eureka! Sourdough in bread machine.

Fri, 1 Nov 1996 19:17:33 -0500
I am finally able to get decent rising of bread in a bread machine without
using commercial yeast.

In part, the success is due the the custom cycle of the Zojirushi machine.  I
set it for a 15 min knead, a 15 min rest, a 15 minute second knead, followed
by two two-hour rises.  Two hours is the maximum rising time that can be set.
 That just about does it.  I can get more rise, I believe, by increasing rest
time.  The ability of the machine to change kneading speed and direction may
also help.  This one is much better than my previous machine.

In part, success is due to the starter derived by the Nancy Silverton method.
 I must admit that her method is too involved for me to follow to the letter.
 In its steady state, I add 1 cup each of water and flour to propagate the
starter.  I have kept it in the refrigerator between usages.  I use two cups
of starter to replace about 1-1/3 cups water and 1 cup flour.  This is not
quite right yet, and I will make further adjustment.

The resultant bread is not quite sour enough yet.  Suggestions will be
gratefully suggested.  My next step is to leave the starter at room
temperature for a longer period before feeding.  That should give the
bacteria a better chance to oxidize the alcohol while adjusting the effective
ratio of water and flour in starter.  (More water, less flour.)  Feeding will
be timed to give maximum froth at the time ingredients are placed into the

William Buchman