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Nonelectric Grain Grinder

bob.stedfeld@pcohio.com (Bob Stedfeld)
Wed, 30 Oct 1996 12:34:00 -0500
Ken Moraff (kmoraff@juno.com) is loking for a nonelectric grain
grinder.  For anyone who wants nonelectric devices (grinders,
bread-dough kneaders, even gasoline-powered washing machines!)
may I recommend spending $3 for the Lehman Non-Electric Catalog
                Lehman Hardware and Appliances Inc.
                One Lehman Circle, PO Box 321
                Kidron, OH  44636
                        or call (330) 857-5757
Lehman's is right in the middle of Amish country and sells all kinds
of interesting old-fashioned stuff, plus offering tips about seasoning
cast iron, cutlery, and other subjects.  My old catalog is 125 pages
long. It's worth having just to to look at.

Bob Stedfeld (bob.stedfeld@pcohio.com)

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