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Breadman Breadmachine Part II

ltsilver@borg.com (LT Silverman)
Mon, 28 Oct 1996 12:56:44 -0500
Just got off the phone with the State Attorney General and the Better
Business Bureau. Both offices will send me forms to fill out now that I
know that my letter was delivered on September 30 to the President of
Salton/Maxim Products.

For all those who have a complaint against Salton/Maxim be it known that
you are not allow--although the company would like you to think so. I have
received many responses to my original posting from people who have had
problems with Salton/Maxim's Breadman machines. The rub is that the Better
Business Bureau nationally has received no complaints.

So people who have had problems, write, call, or whatever the BBB and make
the company know that we expect to get what we pay for.