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Responses to Valerie & Sharon

Mon, 28 Oct 1996 09:46:07 -0600
For Valerie re:  dishwasher -

Valerie:  I have a 3 year old Chefmate (by Seiko).  After *almost* every loaf, I
soak with cold water in it.  Remove paddle.  Place paddle and pan into
dishwasher and wash.  You're right - you do get water in the bottom of the
upturned pan, but it hasn't affected anything in its operation.  I don't think
this will cause you any problems if try it.

For Sharon re:  vital wheat gluten -

Sharon:  I use vital wheat gluten when making bread with whole grain flour (ie.,
whole wheat, rye).  Sometimes these breads don't rise as high as bread made with
white flour.  The vital wheat gluten does something to strengthen whole grain
flour and cause it to rise better.  For some people this isn't an issue.  That's
why *most* recipes list VWG as optional.  It's mostly a person's preference as
to loaf size and eye appeal.  It doesn't do anything to the taste of the loaf.

Good luck to all,

Sheri T.