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Kitchen Aid recipes & bread flour

Marcy Michelle Morgan <mmmorgan@tenet.edu>
Wed, 23 Oct 1996 02:50:51 -0500 (CDT)
Someone asked about making the ABM recipes in a Kitchen Aid and baking in 
the oven.  I just make sure that each recipe has at least 3 cups of 
flour.  My 8 year old son made some Italian Parmesan bread in the Kitchen 
Aid the other day (thanks Reggie for the recipe), and it turned out 
beautifully.  Of course there was only one piece left by the time it had 
cooled!  We bake the loaves at 350 for 35 to 45 minutes, depending on the 

Bread flour was asked about as well.  The protein content of bread flour 
is higher than "regular" flour.  The gluten is what captures the gas that 
is released by the yeast (please forgive me if this is not entirely 
correct - it's my elementary understanding of bread science), so the more 
gluten the better.  That's the general idea, I'm sure someone will 
explain better than I have.

Happy baking,