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sue@interport.net (Sue)
Sun, 20 Oct 1996 11:46:53 -0400 (EDT)
Nancy wrote with regard to making basic white bread in her machine:

>1)  The dough seems to rise too high and touches the glass cover which makes
>it quite hard to clean after baking.

There are several possible problems here.  Perhaps there is too much liquid.
If the doughball seems too soft or sticky (or the weather is humid), try
holding back a tablespoon or so of the liquid.  I routinely have to use less
liquid with my machine than called for with published recipes.

>2)  THere were no instruction books that came with the machine.  The only
>book I received is the recipe book.  There is a knob on the right side of
>the machine for setting L or D...what does that stand for?

Possibly "Light" or "Dark" crust?

>3)  The breads I've made only lasts about 2 days before it goes completed
>solid!!  Is this how it suppose to be for all machines?

No.  Part might have to do with how it's stored.  If it's in an airtight
container it should last several more days than that!  Some ingredients can
help prolong the freshness (softness) of the bread.  Try adding another
tablespoon or so of oil.  Also, look for a recipe with honey since honey
will keep baked goods moist longer.

>4)  Anyone have other recipes that I can try?  


There are several bread machine recipes and perhaps the buttermilk bread
would last longer for you.

Lead me not into temptation...  I can find it myself!