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King A. Flour

bzwax@tiac.net (debbie)
Sun, 20 Oct 1996 09:53:57 -0400
 Caron Rose wrote:
<<...shape I prefer.  The dough with the King Arthur flour
  was much stiffer than with Pillsbury bread flour, and didn't rise as
  much, but the texture was wonderful.  It was evenly textured, and tasted
  great. ...>

Caron: I love King Arthur flour, too. You might want to try cutting back a
little more to make sure you get the right moisture:flour ratio.  Or, add a
little touch more liquid.  Do that by both feeling and looking at the dough
as it mixes.  My guess is that it will be less stiff and rise better AND
have a great texture!

Best-Debbie Bier
Concord, MA