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Re: Customizing Recipes

sue@interport.net (Sue)
Sun, 6 Oct 1996 12:36:48 -0400 (EDT)
David Schellenberg tried a Cinnamon Nut Raisin Bread recipe from a
Toastmaster bread machine book:  

>First of all, my machine (a 2 lb Black & Decker) almost stalled because the
>dough was so stiff with the listed amount of liquid.  I added more until the
>amount of liquid totaled 1 1/2 cup.  Even so, the loaf came out with a
>gnarly top.  My instruction book says this is a sign of insufficient liquid.
> How does one account for the different amounts of liquid required?

I have a Toastmaster Breadbox and in my experience, when I make a recipe
originated for another machine, I usually have to cut the liquid down
substantially which agrees with your experience (going the other way).  I'm
stymied.  I could understand why this would happen during the whole process
(perhaps the chamber is sealed more tightly so less moisture is lost) except
that it makes a difference right from the initial mixing!  Very strange.

In general, when I try a new recipe, I hold back some of the liquid and then
add more if needed, keeping track for the next time.

>Second, the bread did not rise as much as my most successful breads do, and
>the texture is fairly doughy.  Suppose next time I make this, I use 1 1/2
>cups plus 1 TBSP liquid; would getting the dough stiffness right also help
>the amount of rise and texture?

It should and that would be the first thing to try.  If the bread still
doesn't rise and is doughy, try using the sweet bread cycle next time.  That
ought to fix it!

>Incidently, I hadn't previously thought of adding the cinnimon with the
>raisins and nuts, and I found that doing it later leaves nice swirling
>patterns in the finished bread - kind of attractive.

Thanks for the tip!

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