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Three Cheese Bread

Patricia Hill <phill@Rt66.com>
Sun, 11 Aug 1996 06:04:14 -0600 (MDT)
I am looking for a lost recipe.  During the summer of 1994 I was working
for a few days in an office when one of the women there offered me a piece
of bread.  It was made from a recipe that was on the back of a bag of
flour - probably Gold Medal or Pillsbury. The bread was called something
like Three Cheese Bread and it was made in a bread machine. I think the
three cheeses were Swiss, Parmesan and cottage cheese.  It was such a good
bread that I made it several times before mis-placing my Zeroxed copy of
the back of the bag of flour. I tried calling the office but the lady no 
longer works there.  

Please, does anyone have this?

Patricia Hill      recipes@rt66.com      Corrales, New Mexico