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Bread Machine Purchase?

Patty Perkins <Pperkins@cris.com>
Sun, 11 Aug 1996 08:37:22 -0700

I have a Breadman Plus (Ultra) that I just purchased a couple of months 
ago, and I have been very pleased with it.  So far, the only thing I 
would change would be the capability that Bonnie B. mentioned for her 
machine --- the flexibility of altering/extending certain cycles when 
necessary or 'pause' and restart the machine where it left off.  I have 
also heard that the Zo has this feature, but can't speak from experience. 
 My machine typically sells for about $199, but got mine on sale for $179 
-- a little higher than you were looking for, but maybe you can find an 
even better sale.

With the exception I mentioned above, I have had very good results with 
it.  Easy to clean and makes a WONDERFUL crust.  Will do 1 or 1 1/2 or 2 
lb loaves, and handle whole-grains very well.  For what it's worth . . .