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Bread machine purchase?

bbriscoe@infolink.morris.mn.us (Bonnie Briscoe)
Thu, 8 Aug 1996 00:14:49 -0500
Herldine M. Radley wrote:

I will be purchasing a bread machine for the first time and
need your input.  I can only spend around $100-$150 for the machine but I
want the best machine for the money.  I have lurked on this list for
around three months and I know all of you have reasons you like or
dislike a machine.  Please e-mail me your likes and dislikes.  <snip>

I have a West Bend (model 41040X) which I purchased in January, 1995 for
about $150 at Sam's Club.  One of its features that I most appreciate is
the half-hour warm-up at the start of the regular and whole wheat cycles.
Because of this feature, I don't have to be so precise about water
temperature or the temperature of other ingredients (although I do try to
come close to what I would use if making bread by hand).

One thing I wish it did have is a cool-down feature after the bread is
done; this machine has a "keep warm" feature instead, and a few times when
I wasn't around at the end of the baking cycle, the crust got softer than I
like it due to the retained heat and moisture in the pan.

Another nice feature, if you can find it, would let the machine resume the
cycle after a brief power interruption.  My West Bend won't do that.

I know at least 4 people who bought Oster machines at Pamida or Target
stores.  One likes the machine just fine (but her husband hates "things" in
his bread, so she just makes whole wheat--how boring!!).  Another person
thinks the bread always comes out too dark and hard on the bottom.  And one
(to whom I recommended the machine based on reviews of it in newspaper
articles and Consumer Reports) had to take it back to the store because it
died after about 6 months.  She later said some of her relatives had
similar disappointments with their Oster machines.  So I guess I'd be
cautious about buying an Oster bread machine, even though I have other
Oster appliances that I like.

My West Bend keeps chugging away -- I use it two or three times a week.
But because of the praise the Zojiruchi has received on this list, I think
that's the kind I will want to get after this one dies.

Hope this helps.

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