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hints & tips for baking bread??

"BNATU.US.ORACLE.COM" <BNATU@us.oracle.com>
06 Aug 96 09:45:38 -0700
I am new to this group as well as the process of bread making. I had never 
baked a  bread in my entire life until we bought a bread-maker a couple of 
months ago. We have a Breadman and so far I have only experimented with the 
recipes taht came with the machine. Unfotunately, the crust comes out too hard 
and my kids don't seem to like it. 

My question is, if I chose to use the bread machine to do the kneading and 
rising and then use a regular oven to bake the bread, at what temperatures and 
for how long should I bake a 1.5 pound bread loaf?? The same question goes for 
making pizza also. 

Also, can anyone recommend good bread-making recipe books? 

You can reply to me directly at bnatu@us.oracle.com 
-Thanks, Sharmila