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Re: Happy with ABM

Becky Pyle <bpyle@nova.org>
Sat, 08 Jun 1996 09:51:36 -0700
> Hi to all,
>   I enjoy the list so much.
> To Donna - I have had the Panasonic Bread Bakery (2lb. loaf) for over a
> year now. I haven't bought any bread, hamburger buns, etc. since. I make everything. This machine has a patented yeast dispensor and I have 
never had a failure. The bread has never stuck, the paddle removes with 
ease, it sometimes is necessary to add a little water to soften the baked 
on bits around the paddle, but as soon a it is wet, one just lifts it 
right out. I highly recommend this machine. I was one of the folks who 
said I couldn't understand why one would want a ABM. My kitchenaid Mixer 
was great. My SIL in North Dakota changed my mind while I was visiting in 
May of 95. In fact I bought my ABM in ND and brought it home to VA.
> Franklin - Your deflated bread. You removed the covering too quick. This has happened to me with trays of rolls. It doesn't take much to 
disturb the risen dough and cause it to deflate. It is frustrating I 
> Happy Baking, Becky