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Advice on breadmaking (fwd)

word Up <wordup@haven.ios.com>
Thu, 6 Jun 1996 22:37:04 -0400 (EDT)
I am passing on this question from Mr. Porath to list for advice... I 
think he should have let it rise again...

Rick V.

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Date: Thu, 06 Jun 96 14:51:42 -0700
From: Franklin Porath <franklin.porath@acclink.com>
To: wordup@haven.ios.com
Subject: Advice on breadmaking

To Whom, etc:

While recuperating at home from some knee surgery, I became peckish and  
decided to try making bread.  I had such an odd (to me) experience that I 
am looking for advice or comments.

I gathered the ingredients for a dark rye bread and threw them into the 
Kitchenaid bowl, which I had warmed.  The result was a lump of gooey 
brown stuff, which I allowed to rise in a greased bowl for several hours. 
When it had double I punched it down, divided it, and formed it into two 
round loaves: so far so good.

I then placed the loaves on a sheet, covered them with a towel, and put 
them into our Farberware convestion oven, set at about 110 degrees, to 
rise again.  And rise they did: in  an hour and a half they had risen 
into two magnificent looking loaves.  (Here comes the technical problem!)

I opened the oven door and whisked the towel off of the loaves.  Before 
my eyes they seemed to deflate, over two or three seconds, like slow 
motion balloons, to about half their previous heights.

I shut the oven door, cranked up the temperature and baked them.  They 
were delicious... but flat.  

What happened?  Did I open the door too fast creating a fatal draft?  
Should I have had a different cover over them, such as foil or plastic?

I, as well as my baked goods, are crestfallen.

Advice?  Comments?

Yours truly,
Franklin Porath