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Bye for a while

Jenka Guevara <jguevara@spin.com.mx>
Wed, 05 Jun 1996 22:12:31 -0400
Hi to all!
I will unsubscribe for a while, I can not keep up with all my personal work,
plus helping my father with paper work, plus getting ready to go for a year
to Alabama (work on PhD), plus finishing the school year (exams etc) and the
group. I have continued faithfully eating low fat and have not gained
weight.  The first days of all this I lost some, but now I am stuck with the
last pounds, but they will come off too. 

I love reading from you all and writing to you, but for now I will have to
unsubscribe.  I tried to keep up, but the mail just accumulates.

Thanks for all the great messages, I will return.  This is a promise, I hope
not a threat!

Take care, and till soon

         Jenka Guevara           
   American School Foundation    
          Mexico City