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Cherie Ambrosino <Cherie_Ambrosino@cch.com>
29 Apr 96 10:37:57
Hi all - I have a meat slicer [and a problem leaving the William Sonoma outlet 
without emptying my wallet!]  I've tried it to slice bread - it works, but 
isn't worth the trouble for me - I wouldn't buy the machine just for that [I 
think they normally list for $40-50].  I simply use a really good serrated 
knife - its super long [definitely a medieval torture instrument]  the blade is 
over a foot - I also have stopped using the ridged cutting board I was told I 
must have when I first started baking - I just cut wherever I am - here's my 
trick [after botching many millions of bread slices!] to make the slices normal 
looking without tearing - I keep my hand on top of the loaf and hold both sides 
straight with my fingers - then I cut through the top crust with a sawing 
motion and then, rather than continuing straight down through the bread - I 
angle the knife and make sure I'm cutting more the the side crusts with each 
stroke than the soft middle - keeping a little ahead of the middle all the time 
- the middle is so much easier to cut more in one stroke without tearing - so 
this way my slices come out pretty and not too thick of thin - Try a good knife 
before investing in a bread slicer!  Better for kitchen space too!

 I've recently found out that I have a yeast "sensitivity" [I'm not sure I'm 
going to give up yeast baking just to avoid an occassional sinus headaches] so 
I too would be interested in a few non-yeast rising tips - I don't care about 
recipes as much as a substitute method to experiment with using my regular 
recipes - although recipes would probably be just as good! By the way - anyone 
with a yeast allergy out there who's found that giving up yeast really made a 
difference?  Thanks in advance - Cherie

PS re: king arthur charges - I think its so high because the stuff weighs so 
much - I don't like it either but until recently none of my local stores [long 
island NY] carried their flours - or only the plain white which I don't use - 
but I stopped in at our new Fresh Fields [a high end eco type supermarket] and 
they had several varieties - more than I've seen at a supermarket here - so if 
you have such a store - or a whole foods or bread and circus store which are a 
similar type of chain - try checking it out - it may be pricier than your 
grocery store but the flour is probably still less than adding on the shipping