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Bread slicing knife

phyllis.johnpoll@ncsl.org (Phyllis Johnpoll)
Sun, 28 Apr 1996 22:36:29 GMT
I recently found a knife that produces wonderful, even slices of bread,
and it only cost me $3.99 at a discount store! (T.J. Maxx) I can't
remember the brand name (it's not on the knife and I've already disposed
of the box) but it's a serrated blade with a guide arm attached. There
are several settings for the guide arm, ranging from paper thin to a
little larger than a standard slice from a store bought loaf. It's not
too useful for machine bread, at least not for bread from my machine
(DAK) because it's a cylindrical loaf. But today I made bread from the
recipe in the latest COOK'S ILLUSTRATED (which I'll post at another time
if anyone is interested - it's a sweetish white sandwich bread made in
the food processor.) I was able to slice it just right for the toaster,
and later I made some thin slices for snacking. I highly recommend this
knife, if only I could remember who made it. (It was found alongside a
whole lot of the Graham Kerr and Jeff Smith endorsed products, if that