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Bread with no yeast and pizza stones

Robin Carroll-Mann <harper@tribeca.ios.com>
Sun, 28 Apr 1996 17:49:33 -0700
"Kristin Cooper" <kristin_cooper@macgate.csuchico.edu> asked:

>I cannot have any yeast :-(  Does anyone have any bread recipes without 
>yeast?  I have looked all over and cannot find any.

Can you tolerate baking soda or baking powder?  I so, I can post some 
quickbread recipes.  Otherwise, you may have to make do with unleavened 
flat breads like tortillas.

>Also, I just received a pizza stone and am having problems with the 
>dough sticking to it. Any ideas?  The directions said do not spray it 
>with oil.

The directions are correct.  What you need to do is sprinkle the stone 
generously with cornmeal just before putting the bread in to bake.  Also 
sprinkle cornmeal on your the oven peel (or whatever you use) before 
putting the shaped loaf on it for its second rise.  The cornmeal (not the 
really fine stuff) will keep the bread from sticking.

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