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more Zo questions

schapin@mitre.org (Susan Chapin)
Mon, 8 Apr 1996 09:19:00 -0500
Thanks to Linda and others who answered my previous Zo questions.  I have

I have made maybe 5-6 loaves since getting my (wonderful!) Zo.  Every one
of them has been a bit light on top, with a thin, soft, light crust on top
though the sides and bottom are very crusty and dark.  This includes breads
that rise past the top of the pan and breads that hardly rise at all,
medium and dark cycles, sweet breads and less sweet breads, with and
without tinfoil over the window.  All breads are made using the "finnish"

Is this normal?  One thing that may be relevant is that my house has low
voltage, around 107-109 volts (if you are curious, it is because we are in
a condo built on top of a Washington Metro station, and they pull the
current from there and split it down, and that's what it comes out to, and
there is nothing I can do about it).  So if the Zo doesn't have a
thermostat the bake temperature may be lower than it thinks it is.

Thanks in advance for your input,

- susan (schapin@mitre.org;  all opinions above strictly my own, not known
to or necessarily approved of by my employer)

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