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cvogel1@slinky.phys.nd.edu (Christine Vogel Vogt)
Mon, 22 Apr 96 20:41:41 EST
Thank you all for the great info & recipes on this list.
I am new to this list (since Feb.) and it is quite helpful.
I am a graduate student in physics, who has a great love of 
cooking (& eating too!).  I received an ABM for Christmas from the
outlaws(no, they are very nice), and I am having a grand
old time with it.  I also have a kitchen-aid, which I love. 
I usually use the kitchen aid to make my pizza dough.  I just 
have a couple of questions, and a recipe to share.

I received a package of quick bread mix from a friend a while
ago.  It was called Irish Oatmeal Beer Bread, I think.  All
you did was add 1 (12 oz.) can (or bottle I guess but I'm still
a starving student :) of beer, mix and bake it in a loaf pan.
It was very tasty, and I thought I would try to duplicate this.
The ingredients listed were your garden variety quick bread
ingredients: flour,baking powder,oats,salt,sugar,etc.  Does
anyone have a similar recipe that I can tinker with?  If not
I will start from scratch :)  and let you all know what I come
up with.

I made my first attempt at bagels.  They were pretty tasty, looked
horrible, but they were missing something.  Could it be malt 
powder or syrup, which gets added to the water when you boil them?
I just used sugar.

OK, on with the recipe.
WARNING:This is definitely not a lowfat recipe.  But incredibly 

Mary Lou's Pepperoni Bread
1 recipe of your favorite white bread ( 3 cups flour size)
  dough only
pepperoni : ~3 oz.=40 thin slices
mozzerella : ~4 oz. shredded
provolone : ~4 oz. cut into matchsticks 
parmesean : ~3 T grated
green peppers : 1 med pepper per loaf, sliced, steamed, and dried
                off of any moisture
egg yolk
1 T water

Divide dough in half.
Roll out dough to a rectangle about 11" x 18".
Arrange half of pepperoni slices on dough leaving a 2" border on each side. 
Sprinkle half of cheeses on top of pepperoni.
Arrange pepper on top of cheese.
Fold up dough into a log, sealing up edges as best as you can.
Place on cookie sheet (sprinkled with cormeal if you wish).
Mix egg yolk and water, and brush loaf with egg wash.
Bake at 350 for 25 minutes.
Makes 2 loaves.

my notes-I have given approximations only, you can adjust amounts
as you desire.  I bake these on a jelly roll pan because if you spring
a leak in the side of a loaf, which usually happens to me, the pepperoni
juices leak out.  I usually make one loaf with the green pepper and one
with chopped plum tomatoes.  I think these taste better cool or even


Christine Vogel Vogt