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Random notes:

Tue, 9 Apr 1996 14:39:19 -0400
 I just called K Arthur and requested a catalog.  When she asked WHERE I
heard about their store, I said, 'Why, the bread-bakers digest over the
Internet, of course'  She started laughing, and I said, 'Hey, look ya'll have
great word-of-mouth, I can't wait to get your catalog!!
   Onward:  Did anyone else see the very lengthy description in Gourmet
magazine (Mar) on creating your own sour dough starters and making some
great-sounding recipes from them?  Any pros done this, and what was the
Rustic Olive Herb Bread,,,,  Chocolate Sour Cherry Bread,, Fig Anise Bread,,,
Walnut Bread,,  and a Seeded Sour created by George Erasmus.. 
All look wonderful, but before I devote 15 days to a loaf of bread,,, I think
I want to know more about it first!!  
Ps: Starter culture was developed by bagging and fermenting grapes in a
water/flour 'slurry'.  Since I'm an avid cheesemaker, this seems pretty
reasonable to me!