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re: chinese rolls

deb@essences.com (Deborah Bier)
Mon, 18 Mar 1996 09:18:12 -0500
Honasoge Dayananda <hdayanan@ford.com> wrote:
>If anybody has the recipe for the Chinese Sweet
>dinner rolls could you please post it.

Hello:  Here is an approximate recipe.

I have made them (and bbq pork pastries, etc) by using a regular white
bread recipe, and letting it rise once. Then, I roll out small balls of it
until they are about 6" wide (about 1/4" or less thick). Using sweet bean
paste (made from soy beans and purchased at a chinese grocery) I  put a
tablespoon or so of the paste in middle. Gather up all the edges to the
middle and twist closed. Set onto a steamer rack twisted side up.

Steam til done (gosh, can I remember how long that is?? i am guess from
memory, so don't take me at my word)...maybe about 15 minutes? perhaps 20.

Hope this helps more than confuses!

Deborah Bier
Concord, MA