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Need pointer on whole-wheat bread

Alan Deikman <alan@znyx.com>
Fri, 15 Mar 96 19:59:46 -0800
This is my first post here, so here goes.  I have been reading since
Digest #60 or so, and have been looking for pointers on how to make
a good loaf of whole wheat bread.  I have been to a number of 
restaurants that make their own whole-wheat loaves which are wonderfully
light, with a crispy crust and flavorful interior.  You don't even
need butter.

White breads I can do.  But every time I try for, say 50-100% whole
wheat loaf the results have been less than satisfactory.

What I get I call "Utility-B grade State Bread."  This is durable 
maximum density loaf issued by government for the comrade people's 
nutrition and efficient bowel movement.  Surplus good for insulation 
and erosion fill.

Any suggestions?

- --------------------------------
  Alan Deikman, ZNYX Corporation