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question re:impropper rising

jatomlia@prairienet.org (Janet Tomlianovich)
Fri, 15 Mar 1996 15:45:12 -0600 (CST)
I have been enjoying all the comments and recipes here for some
time.  Thanks Reggie for all your efforts!

Now I need the help of all you expert bread bakers.

I have a small Welbuilt machine and have recently started
having huge problems getting my loaves to rise propperly.  The
first recipe had oat flakes in it and didn't rise at all.  After
reading about having to add gluten with whole grains I tried
another loaf of the same recipe adding 1 T  gluten per 1 cup
oat flakes.  It only rose about an inch.  Then I made a basic
white bread which rose beautifully till the unit started to bake.
It collapsed and I had two flat ends.  Then tried a whole wheat
bread adding the gluten and again it seemed to rise fine till
it started to bake.  This time it caved in very badly and the
top portion didn't bake thoroughly so had to be given to the
birds.  What am I doing wrong?  All of these recipes had been
made before and turned out just fine.  Could there be a problem
with the machine, or is it just me?  Any helpful tips you could
give me would be greatly appreciated.  Please e-mail all
responses to me at jatomlia@prairienet.org

Thanks in advance for all your help.  Janet