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Kathryn Hagen <73174.2455@compuserve.com>
Fri, 01 Mar 1996 01:01:53 -0800
>>Does anyone on this list have experience with, or knowledge of, baking 
bread in brick ovens?  I don't mean the commerical variety.  I'm seeking 
information on building and using homestyle and homesize brick or stone 
ovens.  Is this something a person can build and keep out in the yard?  
How is it constructed?  How is it used?  Where can I find technical plans 
and information?
>>Angie Klidzejs  

A man in Rochester Hills, MI, has built an oven like you describe in his
back yard.  He based it on ovens that are used in France.  Unfortunately,
I do not know his name.  However, if no one else here can help, I'll be
glad to call around--people at the bakery might know who he is.  Just let
me know if you don't get anything more solid than this.

Kathy Hagen