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Wellbuilt equivelant of the DAK bread machine

voyager@halcyon.com (Robert B. Isbell)
Wed, 28 Feb 1996 19:07:10 -0800
In a previous article a subscriber wanted to know how to get a new paddle 
for their DAK bread machine. I posted an answer to that question with the 
"new" company's address and phone #. I also said that there was a Wellbuilt 
equivelant to most of the DAK machines. That equivelant is the Wellbuilt 
model ABM-100-4. I know from experience that the pan and paddle will fit all 
but the original DAK bread machines. I am sure that the lid heating element, 
and many other parts will also fit. The electronics are another matter 
though. They are not all the same.
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