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Re: bread-bakers-digest V6 #68

Kathryn Hagen <73174.2455@compuserve.com>
Fri, 16 Feb 1996 11:34:08 -0800
Ron asks:
>My question is, where is the advantage in using a bread machine?
>Certainly it's not in the time saved, because in either case you must
>prepare the dough; furthermore, it seems that you have to wait five hours
>and more to realize your efforts of one loaf of bread when you use a
>machine.  In less time than that we have five delicious loaves ready.

I'm really confused as to 1) where you find your time savings in making
bread by hand and 2) what you mean by "preparing the dough" when using a
bread machine.  
1) It takes less than five minutes to put the ingredients in the bread pan
and four hours (3 if you use the light cycle) until the bread is ready.
2) You don't have to mix any ingredients when you use a bread machine.  

I have arthritis in my hands and spine and could no more make bread "the
old fashion (sic) way" than the proverbial man in the moon.  Also, with
only my husband and I to feed, having five loaves of bread at one time is
four too many. :-)