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Re: Machine vs. Manual

Janet_Wilson@mindlink.bc.ca (Janet Wilson)
Fri, 16 Feb 1996 11:34:06 -0800
I like making bread both ways, but I have specific reasons for choosing one
method over another.

Our family only goes through one loaf a day on average. Frozen bread is not
the same a fresh bread, so I would much rather use the machine every day.
That way, we are not drowning in bread, always have a lovely fresh loaf,
and enjoy the aroma of fresh baking bread every day. I often set the cycle
so that the baking coincides with visitors. The aroma gets raves. The
machine also takes MUCH less time. Once you memorize your favourite
recipes, it is much quicker to just fill the pan in the am. and walk away
till the baking is done. I would venture to say that even per loaf, there
is less time involved in machine bread than hand made bread. With the
machine I can also try out a new recipe without committing a lot of time
and materials.

I make hand made bread when we have a crowd and need to feed lots of
people. For hand made bread, I only use tried and true recipes. I hate
investing all that time and flour to end up with 4 inedible loaves. I test
recipes at our cabin, where there is no electricity!

Breadmakers are my favourite wedding gift. I have the WestBend Automatic
Bread and Dough Maker...great machine, great price, great customer

Janet_Wilson@mindlink.bc.ca     Tsawwassen (Vancouver), BC, Canada