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vegasjb@ix.netcom.com (John and Marcia Bean )
Sun, 4 Feb 1996 09:49:48 -0800
With regard to yeast:

I also buy the bulk from Sam's club and always have
good results. I have a Magic Mill wheat grinder and grind my own whole 
wheat and rye flours. I purchased it over 12 years ago and it works as 
well as the day I purchased it.I have had several bread machines over 
the years and I have found that for good results I always do it by 
touch as the bread mixes I feel and add more water or flour as needed, 
and I never have problems with poor quality bread.In place of oil in my 
breads I use apple sauce if on hand but I have also thrown in half a 
ripe banana and many other kinds of fruit.I made my bread by hand for  
fifteen years before I bought my first bread machine and I must say I 
would never go back to hand mixing.