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Desem Bread

Paula Countryman <paulac@on-ramp.ior.com>
Sun, 4 Feb 96 10:13 PST
I am new to this list and I am looking for people who have baked or are 
baking Desem bread as outlined in Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book.  It is a 
naturally levened whole wheat bread, with the only ingredients being the 
starter, whole wheat flour, salt and water.  I'd like to hear from others 
who have started this baking adventure.  Also, does anyone know about 
using a grind of whole wheat flour called unifine?  I am wondering if it 
is as nutritionally sound as regular whole wheat flour.  I grind my own 
flour using my kitchenaid grain mill, but have recently started using 
this unifine whole wheat flour - it turns out  beautiful loaves of bread.


Paula Countryman