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Re: Digest #6

jb@vitinc.com (Jean Burnett)
Sun, 4 Feb 1996 06:32:07 -0500
To Craig and Joan - I can only say, thank you for a lucid, charming sharing 
of your collected wisdom. It was not my query, but I learned from it.

To Ron - who asks why would anyone use a bread machine...I have arthritus 
and had given up all bread making. So this has been a boon to me. Also, the 
machine provides a perfect rising environment. I confess that I never use 
the baking function but prefer to make dough, then go on from there, using 
my own creativity. We enjoy filled savory loaves, and stuff the dough with 
everything from sausage & peppers to broccoli, cheese & sundried tomatoes. 

And finally, a question. I have been hesitant to mess around with unproven 
(no pun intended) recipes. How does one convert a regular bread recipe to 
the bread machine?

I am so glad I joined this group!

Jean Burnett