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Thu, 25 Jan 1996 13:06:35 -0500
Thanks to my friend Bev, and my co-author Linda, I now have a complete recipe
for Schlotsky's Rolls. Please E-mail me if you would like them. I did go into
Schlotsky's, restaurant and had lunch so I could see what you are all raving
about. They were good (and so different). Write me at: LoisCon @AOL.com

Dee wrote about her troubles with the Zojirushi. It sounds like the BBCC-N15,
although it does have a quick bread cycle.
There are a few things left to try Dee, so don't chuck that machine yet. I
will be sending you an Email with some helpful hints from our second book.

Meanwhile, make sure you are using fresh bread flour, and that you are not
scooping the flour, i.e. dipping your measuring cup into the flour cannister.
Doing that can add flour to your recipe, resulting in heavy, dense loaves.
You should aerate the flour, and then spoon the flour into the measuring cup
and level it off with a knife. 

If any subscribers to this list are also on America Online, we have a bread
machine chat, every Tuesday at 10PM Eastern in the Kitchen Conference Room.
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If you need more information please contact me at LoisCon@AOL.com
Thank you, Lois Conway, co-author with Linda Rehberg of Bread Machine Magic
and The Bread Machine Magic Book of Helpful Hints.