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RE: stuck shaft/paddle...

"Michael E. Grabenstein" <mikeg@sun.gsfc.nasa.gov>
Mon, 22 Jan 1996 08:33:07 -0500
>Sometimes I find that the shaft that on which the mixing paddle sits for my
>Zoji gets frozen. The darn thing just won't turn in either direction and I
>don't usually find that this has happened until the poor machine is
>straining to turn the shaft.  NOT a pleasant discovery, because it means I
>either have to get it going some way or make the dough by hand (horrors!).

	If it is under warranty call them up and get a new pan.

	This happened to my Regal too. I thought just getting it to turn
was OK, but eventually it burned up the gears in my bread maker. Luckily
it was still under warranty. And Regal fixed it no questions asked, their
service is great.

	What happens is the seal that keeps bread from getting down in the
shaft has shrunk over time. Dough gets in there then is baked and locks up
the shaft. 

	This is dangerous to the gears and motor of your bread maker.
Replace the pan ASAP.

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