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Breads too sweet

Fri, 26 Jan 1996 12:33:14 -0400
Other than the one failed loaf I posted about here, I've been having much
fun and success with my new Zo. (We can't eat the bread as fast as I can
make it. :-) )

However, my one complaint is that every loaf I've made has tasted too sweet
and rich for me. On occassion, this is fine, but every loaf I've tried,
from a buttermilk to several different whole wheat loaves have been too
sweet. (The range of sweetness has been from 2 tbl honey or sugar up to 1/3
cup--and that one was really icky.)

I would like for the sweetness to not be so prevalent in breads that
accompany savory dishes. So, how much can I reduce the sugar or honey in
recipes without significantly changing the texture or "stalling" the yeast?

And, in case it makes a difference, I have not been using any fats in the
loaves I've tried. I have either simply omitted the fat, or replaced it
with unsweetened applesacue. (Which is probably contributing to my

Thank you all so much for your expert advise!

- --