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RE: Fed up w/my bread machine

Fri, 26 Jan 1996 12:49:24 -0400
Hi DeAnn!

I'm sorry that you have had so much bad luck with your bread machine! From
your description, it sounds like you have Zo N15 (or "little" Zo) which is
NOT at all the same machine as the S15 (or the S-15A). It was designed to
compete in the $100 machine market, and I have not heard particularly good
things about this model. It definitely has not received the superior
ratings of the "big" Zo.

As a new bread machine owner and baker, I am not qualified to offer you
much advise, but hopefully others on this list will. One idea, though, is:
have you tried the Zo customer service line? Maybe they can give you some
model specific tips. And if you still have problems, maybe they'd be
willing to let you trade up your machine for the S-15(A). Let them know
that you are telling the entire world about your dissatisfaction with their
product. :-)

I am very sure that you would produce satisfactory bread in the S-15(A)!

Good luck!

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