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Re: Bread machines and such

"J. R. Link" <jlink@best.com>
Mon, 15 Jan 1996 19:34:32 PST
I have a Panasonic bread maker. Love it but too small. My daughter has Hitachi  
and it makes a larger loaf of bread comes out well. But this Christmas I got a  
new Kitchenaide Mixer. The 350 watts with bread hook. This is the best as You  
can make all sorts of bread. 
The panasonic and Hitachi hard to judge the moisture for making sour dough. 
Panasonic minces up raisin etc so small so you have to add them part way
the cycle a pain.
The kitchen aide mixer is a replacement for one I had since 1957 which is
working but no bread hook so I gave it to my son. I think if you want more
one loaf and you like to bake go the Kitchenaide route.
 If you want only a loaf now and then and want it very simple, measuring is
only thing that is fussy, buy a bread maker.
My other son has Betty Crocker hot air blowing type my son likes very well. He  
is single and one loaf is fine for him. 
Barbara German puts out great books for bread makers and also has articles in  
the front of her oblong cookbooks rating the machines.

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Jackie Link
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